Ability to view your mobile resources regardless of the brand of vehicle without adding an on-board computer.


Display of your resources in real time (vehicles, drivers, trailers...)

Tacho times

Social management of drivers in real time with legal files integration

Driver application

Tacho times, instant messaging. Compatible Android and Iphone


Real-time temperature compatible with all types of logger


Display of manufacturers' consumption on the routes of your vehicles

Legal files

Tacho download and secure storage


Management of violations related to European Social Regulations.

Customer Acces

Just give your customers access to one or more vehicles with a limited time

And much more....

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H2P: Creation in 2009 by some carriers wishing to provide the profession with a freight exchange tool managed by the professionals themselves with  cost incomparable with those of the providers in place.

H2P: A company with a  capital was open to all professionals wishing to support the challenge. Today: 300 shareholders for € 4 million of capital: composed of carriers and professional transport organizations.

A Governance Council composed of 13 professional responsible members:

  • The Presidents of the Group: ASTRE, EVOLUTRANS, FLO, TRED UNION, ASTR 49
  • Representatives of the 4 Professional Federations: FNTR, OTRE, TLF and UNOSTRA
  • Three representatives of PME-ETI: Transport, transport commission, logistics
  • A managing director at the head of his transport company.


The leading freight exchange platform


Shared traceability for transport professionals and their customers


The aggregator is the platform that collects and makes available to your tools all of this data from heterogeneous systems.


Document management for transport professionals and their customers


Simplify the management of your security protocols with eProtocole


Relying on a network of 250 service points in France, PALBANK offers pallet drop-off and pick-up services on the principle of credit-debit and virtual compensation.